Stars and Suns

Copper suns and stars make an awesome wall decor. You can let them weather and they will turn a dark brown and in time they will patina to a greenish color. You can speed up the patina finish by misting salt and vinegar in warm water on them or you can keep them shiny by spraying them with a lacquer spray called Incralac Lacquer Spray.

   We also sale handmade Amish copper stars in 4 different sizes.  

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761P- 24" medium polished copper Sun Face $93.00

762P- 36" large polished copper Sun Face $180.00

221C- 23" medium polished copper Barn Star $56.00

222C 34" large polished copper Barn Star $130.00

Amish made Stars

        6" polished copper stars $26.00

        12" polished copper stars $44.00

        24" polished copper stars $88.00

        36" polished copper stars $154.00