Bali Molten Glass

    Each molten glass piece is a work of art and truly one of a kind. Whether it's a bowl style, hanging style or tea candle style there is never two of the same. Stop in and see all the different styles to chose from. 


             Bowl style on driftwood $56.00 small

                                               $72.00 medium

                                               $125.00 large

                                               $205.00 X-large


      Flat Bowl style on driftwood $138.00

   Wood Pedestal and Bowl style $128.00 small

                                               $235.00 large

                                               $475.00 X-large

            Vase style on driftwood $89.00

                      Tea Candle style $34.00 single

                                               $68.00 double

                                               $89.00 triple

              Hanging Molten Glass $110.00 small

                                              $154.00 medium

                                              $220.00 large

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Bowl Style on Driftwood

Flat Bowl Style on Driftwood

Wood Pedestal and Bowl Style 

Vase Style on Driftwood

Hanging Molten Glass

Tea Candle Style