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Personalized Name & Address Plaques

For over 70 years, Whitehall has been crafting personalized
name and address plaques to provide a distinctive finishing
touch to millions of homes. Renown as the world’s largest
manufacturer of personalized name and address plaques,
Whitehall’s reputation for quality and reliability is unsurpassed.
Few products can add as much value to the curb appeal of
your home as a Whitehall Personalized Plaque. Each plaque is
hand-crafted in the USA from rust-free, recycled aluminum.
Paints have been specially formulated and weather-tested to
withstand the harshest elements, and many Whitehall address
plaques are designed to provide maximum visibility to meet
local “911” emergency standards.
When selecting your Whitehall Plaque, it is important to consider a few
key factors

• Do you need a street name as
well as an address number?
• Do you want your family name
to appear on the plaque?
• If this plaque is your only
address marker, it’s a good
idea to check local 911 codes
for proper number sizes.
• Since each personalization is
different, Whitehall may select
an alternate character size to
optimize the appearance of
your plaque.
Size & Location:
• Estate, standard, and petite
sizes are available in wall or
lawn mount options to
accommodate any space.
Style & Color:
• What design, shape, and color
best complements your home?

All pricing is in the Catalog

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Note: You can only order thru a licence dealer for any product

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