Corinthian Bells Windchimes

  With its clean profile and contemporary design, Corinthian Bells® is the chime that doesn’t go out of style. Individually tuned tubes make the most beautiful harmonies, and our centrally pinned suspension generates incredible tones with enduring resonance.

   Stop in and see our selection of Corinthian Bells and Arias Elite Windchimes that are made in the USA. If we don't have that special chime that you are looking for or the one that fits your home decor, let us know and we will get it in for you.

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   Corinthian Bells have a 5yr. warranty because of their unique cord design going into the tube and not through it creating less wear on the cord.

   Also check out the CD of Corinthian Bells that includes all the chimes in a relaxing musical setting for $12.95.

T-106  $65.00

T-516  $202.00

T-206  $81.00

T-446  $253.00

T-306  $92.00

T-626  $279.00

T-406  $132.00

T-736  $363.00

T-836  $472.00

T-936  $740.00