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SallyeAnder Soaps - Best Soap in America

All natural soaps.
They are olive oil and soy based soaps, no coconut or palm oil.
Edible ingredients!
No parabens, alcohols, sulfates, no artificial anything!
Will last up to 2 months with a soap saver.
Made in the USA!
Soaps contain saponified premium vegetable oils, herbs and essential oils.
Some soaps contain milk, goat's milk, coffee, pumpkin, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), glycerin, blueberries, cinnamon, brown rice flour, cornmeal  & oatmeal
Each bar is 5 oz.
Essential Soaps
Lye Soaps
Shave/Shampoo Bars
Complexion Soaps
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Essential Soaps

See samples below and hover over image for picture details


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