Bird Feeders & House's

We carry many different styles and shapes of feeders and house's from wood, metal, poly, glass, plastic to gourds. Shown below are some of the different ones we carry but you can also look in the White Hall Products catalog for more selections. Also browse thru the Outdoor Poly Crafts catalog at bottom of page for awesome poly houses and feeders. Call or email us for pricing in catalog. 

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Gourds painted by the Amish $34.00 each

    Goldfinch         Beehive        White Star      Small Stars       Cat/Dog    Wartie with Hat

     Believe         Wisteria            Dream      Country House   Pink,Purple,   Blue or White

                                                                                         Orange Iris       Birdhouse

   Blue Bird     Blue, Orange or      Rooster         Windmill      Small Roses       Ladybug

                      Purple Flower

 Home Sweet      Cardinal     Morning Glories     Bridge          Chickadee           Crow


     Pansies              Owl              Insects         Lighthouse     Woodpecker        Oriole

    Strawberry         Cabin Scene      Large Sunflower     Large Roses       Wisteria Feeder

    Ivy Feeder         Apple w/Hat              Acorn            Hummingbird        Butterfly

Plain Gourds  $20.00 each

        Blue                      Red                   Brown                 Orange              Natural

    Birdhouse              Birdhouse             Birdhouse             Birdhouse           Birdhouse

Authentic redwood feeder designed for practical use and styled for natural elegance.













Large $184.00

Small $149.00

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  Poly Lumber is made of recycled high-density polyethylene materials. It resists splintering and rotting. No need for chemical weatherproofing treatments. It is also impervious to normal wood-destroying pests. All feeders and houses can be special ordered to any color that fits your decor. Call or email us for a price on any particular item in the booklet below. All product is Amish made.

FM-99 Bluebird House $22.00

CB-98 Classic Bluebird House $27.00

HS-50 Peanut Butter Feeder $16.00

HS-60 Mini Bird Feeder $22.00

HS-61 Feeder with Heart $35.00

HS-70 Wren House $16.00

HS-71 Wren House with Heart $30.00

HS-97 Suet Feeder $22.00

PM-91 Lg. Hex Bird Feeder $199.50

PP-Post Poly Planter $139.00

PM-92 Hex Bird Feeder $121.00

HS-92 Hex Bird Feeder $121.00

PM-93 Hex Bird House $104.00

HS-93 Hex Bird House $104.00

PM-94 Lg. Rect. Feeder $67.00

HS-94 Lg. Rect. Feeder $67.00

PM-95 SM. Rect. Feeder $42.00

HS-95 SM. Rect. Feeder $42.00 

PM-82 Sq. Bird Feeder $95.00

HS-82 Sq. Bird Feeder $95.00

PM-83 Sq. Bird Feeder $81.00

HS-83 Sq. Bird Feeder $81.00

PM-84 6-hole Classic Birdhouse$133.00

PM-90 Classic Hex Feeder $79.00

HS-90 Classic Hex Feeder $79.00

HS-72 Church Wren House $27.00