Concrete Products

   We have 2 main concrete suppliers and both suppliers have quality products. Our one supplier (Auker's) we can get the product within a day if they have that particular item in stock. Our other supplier (Wilson's) it may take up to 6 months to get it if we don't have it in stock. We only pick up at Wilson's 3 times a year which would be spring, summer and fall. Page thru the Auker's catalog and see if anything catches your eye. We can send you photos of any Auker's product thru an email or text for you to see what the item looks like. Auker's products come in 4 different colors. You have the natural concrete, white concrete or stained dark brown or green patina with natural being the cheapest.

To get prices on any concrete items you have to email or call the store with all information about item and from which supplier.

  We also paint concrete statuary as per customers request and it can be painted any way you would like it or look like your pet. If you have an old piece of concrete statuary that you would like repaired to original state please call and ask for details and pricing.

Check out Wilson's catalog and put an order in before we make our trips.

Water Fountains

    We have several kinds of water fountains available and all fountains are preassembled and tested before customer pick up. All fountains come with a pump and wedges to level out the bowls for proper water flow. Call or email store for pricing and all other information.