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Timeless Timekeepers
   For centuries, sundials have been used to mark the passage
of time while reminding us of the rhythms of our universe.
While modern day timepieces have long since replaced
the practical usefulness of the sundial, there is a sense
of earthen nostalgia that makes sundials appropriate as
functional garden accents.
  Whitehall commemorates this ancient clock, which has
survived the test of time, by offering an elegant collection of
uniquely styled sundials. Each piece is crafted from rust-free
recycled aluminum and carefully finished with weatherresistant
paints to withstand any climate. We have standard styles to combination sundial/birdbaths to choose from. All pricing is in the Catalog

Check out all the Sundials that are available in the 

Note: You can only order thru a licence dealer for any product

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        All Whitehall Sundials and Pedestals come in 3 different finishes 

         Copper Verdi                  French Bronze                  Oil Rub Bronze

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