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Bird Feeders and Bird Baths

 Whitehall Bird Feeders
   The elegant designs of Whitehall Feeders have high perceived value, and price points for Whitehall feeders are very affordable. The broad range of styles include 6" and 12" tube style feeders, Silhouette feeders, Twin Tube feeders, Garden bird feeders, and Artisan Suet feeders. Whitehall Bird Feeders meet the needs of today’s consumers for decorative, fully functional, metal feeders at value prices.        Each bird feeder style comes in several different designs and 3 different colors plus all bird feeders are made of recycled aluminum. 

Whitehall Bird Baths

  The elegant designs of Whitehall Birdbaths come in 2 different colors and 3 designs. You can ether hang them on a chain or set them on a matching pedestal.    Just like all Whitehall products they to are made of recycled aluminum.

Check out all the bird feeders and birdbaths that are available in the 

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Note: You can only order thru a licence dealer for any product

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